Sorting Kibana filters aggregation

I have created a filters aggregation in Kibana in a data table. For every filter element, I have an associated aggregated count. However, I cannot find a way to sort the data table by the counts for each filter.

Is there a way to do this or is it not possible at the moment?

Maybe I'm not understanding what you're using for your filter aggs, but sort the data in the table seems to work for me. Is this not what you mean?

You can indeed get the correct order in the table by sorting that column. However, I would like this order to be persisted so that the visualisation can be put in a dashboard with that specific order.

A way too keep the table sorted by a certain column would also do fine, but the order in that table is reset every time the table is refreshed as far as I know.

Ah, I see what you mean. Persisting user interaction (ie. clicking on the columns and sorting the data, and keeping it sorted that way) had been planned for a while, and has now been completed and merged. I believe shipped in the last alpha release of 5.0.

Unfortunately, I don't believe there are any plans to backport that to the 4.x series.

Great that it will be possible in Kibana 5. Seems like a very useful feature to me.

I would have happily tried out Kibana 5, but it is not feasible at the time to setup an ES 5 cluster as well, which unfortunately is required.
Thanks for your answers.