No Sort Options on Kibana Lens Table

Hi All,

I am new to kibana and doesn't know why there is no options to sort by columns...

discussion on Sorting in Kibana Data Table Visualization shows that i can sort the table by columns, but i cannot do the same with my data.....

is there any way to achieve that?


Hey @Johanes_Mistrialdo

Currently it is not possible to sort lens table on dashboard, it is planned to be added in one of the upcoming releases.

At the moment you can click Inspect for Lens table sort column in popup view.

Regards, Dima

what version are you on? you can sort on Lens tables in edit mode (and it will persist on view) after 7.13 I believe. We allow sorting on view mode in an upcoming release (8.1)

Thanks for your support @ghudgins @Dzmitry, I will update my ELK stack when it's available

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