Sorting a field on the view mode

Hello Everyone,

I was checking the sorting on the table visualization using the lens. I can sort the fields on the table in the edit mode, but i don't see the same option in the view mode.

This is the drop down i see it in the view mode.


This is the drop down i see it in the edit mode where i can see the options of sort using the ascending and descending order.

Is this how it should be or am i missing anything ?


We will be exposing the sort controls on view in 8.1 (will be released later this year) [Lens] Allow sorting on dashboard edit & view · Issue #114625 · elastic/kibana · GitHub (here's the PR)

@ghudgins One more thing i noticed when i am sorting in the edit section is that when i have double values in the field it is not sorting it in the correct way. The field is not in the metrics section its just a field in the row section of the lens table.

I'm having trouble producing that issue with a double field and a number formatter. What version are you on?

Here was my simple attempt

Ah thats weird.
The version i am using is 7.16.1

what's your formatter on that index pattern (will be called data views in 8.x)...mind sharing some details or a screenshot?

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