Data table - kibana 6.0.1

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Hi All,

Iam trying to create data table , with 5 fields and I get total document of 100, which is perfect.When am trying to add 6 th field (fqdn) , the document count reduced to 90. I figured it out it could be that 10 documents will not have the field fqdn , so it ignores all the 10 documents.Is it possible to have something like "-" ,so its noted that fqdn field is not present for those document. I know it's possible to view in saved search, but is it possible to view in data table ?

Please anyone knows it , let me know .


(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @Raj_Kumar, are you in a position to upgrade to 6.2.0? We released "other"/"missing" terms in this release

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