Data tagging options in Kibana

Hi all,

We have a requiredment to enable the tagging of data in Kibana of interest or not.

For example, our solution presents a bunch of social media posts it has collected and a user can select a check box or similar next to the post to define whether it is of interest or not.

We currently display these posts using a saved search built from the Discover page.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that would allow us to do this?

Thanks in advance.


I am not aware of any plugin that would support this, and could not find one searching. I did find this previous discuss question: User input to tag document

If that user did not already do so, you might consider opening an enhancement request in the Github Kibana repo for this feature. If there is already one, you could +1 it and add comments.

Thanks Bill.

Doesn't look like what was discussed panned out yet in terms of a feature.

It looks as though one user developed a private plugin so I may reach out to him.


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