User input to tag document

I have looked around and it seems that this is not feasible as of yet in Kibana.

what I am looking to do is add some type of input, button, check box, text input field whatever. So my users can "tag" and event for other applications to search against elastic and retrieve later.

Is this possible? i know you can "update" documents through the api. So essentially a simple button in Kibana should be able to add this tag via the update api?

If anyone can point me in the direction of any work done on this that would be great!



You are correct. It's definitely not possible right now in Kibana. Can you please raise a feature request here:

We have input controls on dashboards in 6.1.0: Does that help? may be a little?


I will take a look and see if that may work, i will raise the request if not.


feature has been requested as input control will not fit the usecase

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