Input field - comments on documents

Dear es Team and Community,

is there a possibility to add an input field to a visualization or a dashboard? I want some comment field, where the input is appended to the document as text (and loaded during dashboard start).

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You could use a Markdown visualization to insert text in the Dashboard like in the image.

Don't know if it's what you want.

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Hi Christiano,

I'm not shure. With Markdown you can (afaik) only display and manipulate text (font, size, etc.).
What I would need is an input field (some kind of ,,send to document'' function) which enables me to save a text into a defined field of my document.

That would mean Kibana would have to re-index document, but Kibana isn't supposed to modify data (except for its own "saved objects" in .kibana-* index).

3rd-party plugins can probably do that, but there is no built-in functionality like this.

That's a pitty.
Has anyone seen a plugin, which can index/upsert Documents?

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