The easiet way to add field editable in control visualisation?

Hi, i want to know the easiet way to do point 2:
1.i must do range slider in control visualisation with field duration and i specify the interval min & max and after that i want to add
2. editable input field which allows me to enter a number and after when I click on button insert a column which is displayed in data table visualization.
Any idea please it's urgent ?

I think you're looking to create a dashboard with input controls.

You can find a tutorial here:

For the data table visualization, see docs here:

For more info on the input controls, see:

I think I did not explain my problem well. In fact, I want to create a field editable with label and button insert in visualisation (develop new visualisation in kibana to configure dashboard) i want to know the easiet way to do that ??

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