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I didn't found anything that suites this need, i found this thread with some years:

Maybe better solution already exists.

I want to present a dashboard with logs, from multiple indexes (to avoid colleagues to know what a index is, or what index to select, what field to select).
So it would be crucial to have a way to input data to filter, for example and a drop down with the field i want to filter and the input text so i can enter the text to filter.

Is this possible? The only way i can recall to do something similar is having a control on a field that exists on all indexes, but its not so nice to have multiple controls for multiple fields.


Maybe I don't understand the use case, but if your indexes have totally different schemas then you will need to treat them separately and not group them together. You are allowed to create visualizations for different indexes and put them together in the same dashboard, so maybe that is a better approach?

Not 100% different, it can have overlap on some fields, but to avoid people with less kibana knowledge having problems wanna to have all in same dashboard.
the idea would be to create a search input for those fields, where i could choose the searchable field from dropbox and enter the search text in another.

But from what i saw this is not supported, right?

You can combine different indices into a single dashboard, or you can create a combined Kibana index pattern for example logs-*,metrics-*

The problem is how to have a input search field.
Something where a can choose "fruit" as a field (that can be linked to the real field name in the index) and introduce "apple".

It sounds like you want to use the Input Controls widget from Visualize -> Controls, there are examples in every dashboard with sample data

Yes that is the solution i found, but as far as i know, 1 control - 1 field, if i want to play with 5 field i would have to have all 5 controls in the dashboard, right?

Meaning i can't have something to choose the field i want to search for.

The built-in dashboard controls are the only option you have for that, unless you want to build a Kibana plugin.


i went with the controls, one with multiple "fixed" options, it gets the job done (also used Kibana index pattern to be sure that the options were correct).


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