Kibana, how to Create a Dashboard which will take user inputs

Hello Team,

I have a use case where we want to take inputs from user though textbox , multi select. Based on the user inputs , execute search in elastic and show results in a table on the same page.

Could you please help me understand what is the best possible way to achieve this functionality in Kibana.

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You can use the controls viz to create drop down boxes that'll allow users to pick values. However it is fairly limited. Depending on how you want to present your data it might be easier to create a simple web page that sends a query to Elastic instead of using Kibana?

Thank you Sjaak for your reply ,
Actually, I have a use case to Create 3-4 Visualisations , and few of them are available in Kibana OOTB.
Any thoughts on creating custom Visualisation or plugin.
Can we include custom plugin in a Dashboard?

Thank you,

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