Can Kibana make Interactive Forms

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Is it possible to create interactive forms in Kibana Dashboard? For example where a user can enter something and that is fed to a search query. I know it is relatively easy to create this in Splunk. Right now, the only interactive chart I could find in Kibana is the Table.

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Could you post a screenshot of what you have in mind from Splunk? In general, all dashboards are interactive - you can click on any part of visualization to filter it by things like terms, and a search in the top search bar will filter the whole dashboards by adhoc keywords.

I can click to any part of visualization, but I see only statistics such as document count. Is it possible to see a suitable document list?

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You can save a discovery which simply finds everything (*) and insert it into the dashboard. You can then filter this discovery by either using the visualizations, the search bar or by changing the timeframe. You can modify the discovery to only show columns you're interested in but you can always open one row to see all details.

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I can't see 'Add search' button for dashboard, only 'Add visualization'

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When you click 'Add visualisation' you get two tabs at the top, 'Visualisations' and 'Searches'. Click on 'Searches' and select a saved search instead of a visualisation.

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Hi @tbragin,

sorry for late reply. but please find the below snap from splunk

in the above diagram, you can see that, user can pick server, object . (interactive dashboard).

here my question is can we do same in Elastic search?

Each panel can bind to one or more form inputs and drill down to each other in Splunk.

Kibana has only one global search input and time picker. And any click generate a global filter.

That's the different.

any update on USahitya's question?

Hi @usahitya, Did you get any solution or workaround?

To answer your question directly, Kibana does not have input controls you can explicitly add to your dashboard. We are tracking this request here and think it would be a good addition to Kibana:

Today, our users accomplish similar functionality in a couple of ways:

  • As suggested by @jaminvp and others, you can click on any part of a visualization on the dashboard to filter it by that item (pie slice, bar in bar chart, etc..) Instead of drilling down into raw results, we reserve that click for interactive filtering.
  • To make the clicking behavior a bit more discoverable some place a dedicated table with terms they need to filter on the dashboard and add a markdown widget with instructions that tells users to click on the cells of the table.