Kibana Visualization (Options List/Selector Control)

Are there any plans to allow the "Controls" visualizations to connect to a saved search? Currently it only connects to an index pattern which allows the "Controls" to affect the whole dashboard. It would be nice to tie a control to a specific saved search or other visualization so that it only applies to that saved search or visualization within the dashboard.

I'm trying to mimic Splunk's capability of doing this. Use inputs and tokens to make dashboards dynamic - Splunk Documentation.

Great idea. @devon.thomson Are you aware of an existing issue on GitHub for this enhancement request?

Hey @Ryan_Clark! Thanks for the question. We're actually planning on building a system by which you can group panels on a dashboard together, then add controls at the top of that group. That way any selections you make in options list controls will only apply to all panels in that group, and only panels in that group.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, that would be perfect. Do you know which version you anticipate this to be functional?

Although this does have a marked solution, I don't feel it actually addresses the OP's question. I am also looking to link the Options List control to a saved search. The comment by @Ryan_Clark does not address that ability.


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