Data View, Canvas, and ESQL

So i have an index which is created from a transform with group by on a field and aggregation using terms.
This means that my resulting field is a flattened field of terms.
Through this I can create Data View terms to display on discovery and finally on canvas as a table to view this index.

However, can I do more than that?
Screenshot from 2023-06-20 14-49-59
I would like to display the sum of rows that have started = 1 and finished = 0.
Currently, i'm trying to make this work using ESQL count feature but it cant see nor access the flattened term in the index or the data view fields that I've created.

A solution would be greatly appreciated because otherwise i'll be displaying kind of an inaccurate metric if I use the original index instead of the transformed index.

Could you provide an example of what your documents look like?

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