Display flattened fields on canvas

Hi everyone,

I have a set of logs that i've been processing. In processing, I managed to tag these logs types as file, download status etc. Afterwards, I used transform to group these logs based on files and aggregate download status terms counts as another index. Currently, I'm trying to display this data as a table with columns of file name, time stamp, and various download status terms counts. However, if I try to use canvas to create a table. I am unable to display the download_status terms because it is a flattened field. Is there a way to bypass this?

I've tried using TSVB but on TSVB i'm unable to use the timestamp as one of the column for sorting. The sorting is quite important since I would prefer to show certain number of data based on past k hours etc.

If you guys know how to solve this, please help. Thank you.

Nvm I solved it by using the timestamp as row and the rest of the columns as metric. It's not perfect but it works

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