Canvas too plain Data Table


I am using ELK Stack 7.3.2 and working on a use case where a query that displays all rows which will have not had an update within 2 minutes as status=DOWN otherwise UP or WARN.

I was playing with Canvas and was able to get it partially working using DataTable element.

Is there a way to clean it up and show colors for UP green and DOWN read in any way possible?

| essql
query="SELECT processName, processType, hostname, status, NOW() as Now, "@timestamp" as Time, 0 as Diff FROM "boris-index" "
| mapColumn "Time" expression={getCell "Time" | formatdate "X"}
| mapColumn "Now" expression={getCell "Now" | formatdate "X"}
| alterColumn "Time" type="number"
| alterColumn "Now" type="number"
| mapColumn "Diff" expression={math "subtract(Now,Time)"}
| mapColumn "status" expression={if {getCell "Diff" | gt 120} then="DOWN" else={getCell "status"}}
| columns exclude="Now,Time,Diff"
| table
| render

Is there a way to make it more usable to visualize uptime?

@Catherine_Liu can you shed some light here ?

It's currently not possible to style the contents of a table cell based on the value of the text. You can file a feature request in the Kibana repo.

You may be able to use a markdown element to visualize this data instead where you have a lot more control over the styling.

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