Is there a way to build a Canvas in Kibana similar to Uptime

My team is using ELK Stack 7.3.2

We would like to monitor our micro services.
Uptime monitor will not be sufficient in this use case.

I was trying to build a Canvas

| essql
query="SELECT hostname, status FROM "boris-topic*"
where hostname is not null
GROUP BY hostname, status
| table showHeader=true
| render

This is what I have in Canvas

This is Uptime monitor.

Is there a way for me to have Up/Down colored ?

From my understanding there is an option of conditional coloring in canvas .
we actually have a recent thread that goes through how to setup conditional colors in Canvas expressions. Let me know if this helps.

Conditional colouring using kibana canvas expression editor Kibana

Hey Scott, can you post a code snippet of what you are trying when the conditional doesn't work as expected?

Hope it helps

Also additionally, so for a table, I don't think we have yet a way to do that. We have an enhancement issue open here:


If you split out the table, though, you can use the conditional color solutions


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