Canvas: suitable for my usecase?

Hi there,

I would like to understand how canvas is used, where it's limitations are and if it suits to my usecases.
I tried to play with it a bit, but I did not get familiar with it yet.

  1. On all demos I saw, it always showed the most recent data. Is it possible to select a time range like in the classical dashboards?
  2. If I use the table element, can I do some value based formatting? e.g. color the line red if field status is error, color it green if it is ok?
  3. Can I do some post calculation in the table element? If I have two timestamps per line in a table. Can I calculate the difference and show it?
  4. Is it possible to use filters like in the normal dashboards? Filtering by clicking on fields, select a time span in histogram by mouse interaction?

My hope is, that I can create some dashboards (especially with tables and line diagrams) where I can color or change images based on the value of some fields.

Thanks, Andreas

@monfera / @Catherine_Liu can one of you please grab this question?


Regarding the filtering, there's ongoing work for generalizing filters and bringing more capability for Canvas, for an upcoming release. In the meantime, filtering could be done with Canvas Functions which used to be here, due to bringing Canvas into the Kibana repository this link seems not to go to the proper place but there are some examples. Using a SQL subset is another option, some examples are here.

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