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I'm currently working on a project where I'll need to simplify the Kibana interface.
To this end, me and my colleagues are considering using drop down boxes (Adding filters is too hard for some people, it seems ^^), and from the results, send a request to visualize the intended chart.

User clicks a box, selects "room A" from a list of rooms
User clicks another box, selects "free" from a list of states.
User selects two dates from two other boxes

I want to, using these parameters, display a graph spanning both dates, that oscillates between 0 (false) when the room isn't free and 1 (true) when it IS free.

Would that be possible?
If yes, are there any types of plugins or extensions that could help me?
If not, is that even possible in Kibana? Is another platform or technology more appropriate?

Thanks for any help you could bring!


If anyone has any clues, I'd be so thankful :slight_smile:
Even discussing this issue with people could bring forward solutions, so I really am open to anything you could say!

@Moxyze Have you experimented with Canvas? You could definitely achieve a view like that in a Canvas workpad using the plot, dropdown filter, and time filter elements.

It seems like it could work, but when I last checked it, the "import data" didn't seem to fit my needs:
Since we're working with a truckload of data, we imported it using the BULK api, in a NDJSON format.
It didn't seem like Canvas accepted NDJSON format though.

I'm guessing my question is "Do we need to split that NDJSON into several JSON files for it to work ? Or are there any better solutions not involving as many changes ?"

EDIT: Please disregard this whole message.
It seems I completely misunderstood how to use the Canvas feature. I'll read some more documentation before asking anything stupid like that.

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