Canvas filters - is it possible to filter a visualization

Hi there,

I'm playing with Canvas and I have particular use case where I need to place a filter on a kibana object to filter the data out by a range from 3 thru 5 (event severity), I don't want to modify the visualization or create a new visualization just for this specific use case. I'm familiar with how to use "dropdown select" filters, but that doesn't help me with this use case since the dropdown select only allows to filter by a single value. Can someone please point me at how to filter by either range or multiple values?



Hello @azulgrana,

You can use the expression syntax, and then add a filter to retrieve data given an Elasticsearch SQL query.

If I understand correctly it will be something like this:

| selectFilter
| essql query="SELECT * FROM your_index WHERE severity_field >= 3 AND severity_field <= 5"
| table
| render

Hope this helps!