Multiselect values in Kibana Visualizations

Hi! I have several visualizations, some as pie chart with multiple values. I want to select multiple values from the visualization to filter and also to explore in detail using discovery.

But I am only able to select one value at a time.
I found this question already asked and answered as not posible, but in a topic of the year 2017.

Is there any update? Or this is still a limitation?
I know that I can use filters manually but it is, sometimes, absurdly cumbersome.

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Hi Fernando and welcome to the community. You can use 'OR' filter:

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Hi! Thank you for your answer Marta.
I understand that I can use OR filter. But how can I pick several values directly from a visualization?

For example, I have a Pie visualization with several values. And I want to select click-select two of that values for futher analysis.

Oh I understand. This unfortunately is only possible in version 8.11 and in limited cases for now - we're in the process of developing the interactive tooltip that would allow you to do that. Unfortunately for pie chart, you can only filter single values.
Here's an example for a bar chart:

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