How to multiselect in kibana visualizations


I want to multi select values in pie chart visualization. Ex if i have a pie chart with State wise documents count, then if i want to select multiple states from that pie chart how to achieve it in kibana.

Also if it is possible using other visualizations, please suggest.

You can't do multiselect in a Pie Chart. You can achieve what you're looking for is to add a query in the search bar where you use OR to specify multiple values. Or you can use the range queries as well. You can find more info here:

Thanks Marius for the response. I know using queries we can achieve this.

But the end users for whom we are developing dashboards, they dont know exactly the field names we have used in elastic search. They will just click on pie chart, bar chart or any other visualizations to analyze the data.

It will be great help if multi select functionality will be added in visualizations under kibana. If multi select functionality can be achieved using any other visualization please let me know.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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