Additional filters in Canvas

Hello everybody,

We have created a canvas with several “dropdown select” as well as “data table” elements.
The “dropdown select” elements are working as filters for the details presented in the “data table” elements.

One of the “data table” element is on a different page than the “dropdown select” element.
Is it possible that the filter, which we apply with the “dropdown select” element on page 1, affects the “data table” element of page 2?

We have also added a table which we have created in the “Visualize” tab.
While in the “Visualize” tab, we could add filters simply by hovering over specific values of the table and clicking the “+”-magnifier as displayed in the following picture. Unfortunately, this is not working when the visualisation is in the “Canvas” tab. Moreover, we cannot set any other filters besides the time-filter. Is there a way how we can set additional filters by clicking on a value in the table?

One of the columns of this table consists of names.
How can we create a text-field, in which the user writes down the names he would like to be displayed in the table? For example, when the user writes down “Flynn Dome” and "Wynne Briggs" then only the entries of these persons should be displayed, like displayed in the next picture.

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Canvas does not support free text filters.
The second best option is to use a drop-down filter. But you'll be able to select 1 value at a time, unless you will use some custom code.

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