Can I put Javascript code or library on the kibana canvas?


What are you trying to do though? Might be another way.

I want to try and see if the drilldown concept can be used on the kibana canvas?

@ravishka I think they are working on that functionality and not sure when it will be released.

But if you are in need of an immediate solution what I have done in the past is used Canvas a presentation layer that had links to a dashboard and passed in the filter data. This was a way to mimic drilling down into underlying data.

It is a little clunky swapping from a Canvas view to a Dashboard view and then back to Canvas if you include a link to return back. That was the only way I could figure out how to do it at the time though.

ok thanks @aaron-nimocks

@aaron-nimocks Thank you very much for replaying my question.
You said "Canvas a presentation layer that had links to a dashboard and passed in the filter data" Can you please explain how to do this?
You have any Guidance link/vedio?

I don't know of any tutorials for this but here is the concept using the data that comes with Elastic.

Here is your dashboard.

This is where all your drilldown data will be in the way you want to show it. We are going to use categories as the example. Notice I have Men's Shoes filtered already. On your Canvas you could have a link in the form of a text or image for each of the categories. When you click those links you would go to the Dashboard with that category already filtered.

To do that you would click Share -> Permalink -> Snapshot -> Copy Link

This will give you a really long URL that contains parameters for everything on this page to include every visualization and the location of them.


You can just copy/paste those into Canvas for a direct link to that Dashboard now. Notice the in the URL you see 'Men!'s%20Shoes' which really you can just replace with each category you want to generate a link for.

That's it.

@aaron-nimocks Thank you very much for your explanation. I'll try it. Thanks again.

@aaron-nimocks Is there a way to put a toggle button on the kibana canvas? Is there any alternative solution?

Not that I can think of. But that doesn't mean there isn't one.

@aaron-nimocks I want to put toggle button on the canvas and click on it and the data should be filterd. Just like dashboard.Simply onece I click the button I want to get all canvas data should be fillterd.Is it possible? or can you provide alternative solution for me?

Sorry but this just isn't possible I believe.

If you need more customization there is always Vega or creating your own Kibana Plugin.

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