Which charting java-script libraries kibana used to create interactive charts

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Hello Folks,

I just want a basic idea about the default charts available in Kibana. which javascript libraries it used d3.js, CanvasJS or any other.

what is the best way to bind cross-filter ability to bind a group of charts in Kibana at same page?

I'm just curious to explore it build something new around it. anyone who can help me with this?

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Some are canvas, some are d3.js, and right now we're working on moving to this library: https://github.com/elastic/elastic-charts

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Hello @Marius_Dragomir,

Thanks for a quick response.

Mostly most of the basically analytics UI we can build using cube OLAP model.
If we talked about Kibana UI representation.

Is the elastic having these type of model available in Elasticsearch?
Is Elastic using that in Kibana?

I came to this query because I just wonder whenever I click a data point in Kibana visualization from the dashboard the whole other visualization also get filtered.
a couple of days back, I have seen such type of behavior in cross-filter as well where if all visual widget belongs to the same dataset it can filter across all at the same time. but as documentation said Kibana is tightly linked with Elasticsearch through REST API. So how it filters across all the module at the same time.

How kibana is managing dimensions and grouping if visual present in dashboard belongs to same data index ?

Please help me to understand.

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