How does kibana generates the visualizations?

How does the kibana generates the bar charts shown in dashboard ?

Does kibana uses SSR (server side rendering) or it uses any third party library like Chart.js or something else ?

In the Lens and TSVB editors we are using the elastic-charts library GitHub - elastic/elastic-charts: Elastic Charts library in the majority of the charts or custom implementations (for example on the metric viz).
In the Visualize editor, it depends on the kibana version. In the most recent versions we are using the elastic charts library and in older implementations d3

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yeah !

and does the charts are created on frontend by querying data using kql or they are created on demand in backend and then rendered on FE ?

The charts are created on the frontend side. We are getting the data from ES by running the aggregations, filter/search etc and pass them to the charts.

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thanks !

It will help me alot

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