Kibana visualizations

I'm working with kibana for the last 2 month with timeseries data, and wondering..

There are many visualization types, and It's not clear (to me) when to use what.
For example I can create a gauge using, the gauge type, the lens and the TSVB.
same for line chart. also the Timelion can create time series chart.

what's the preferred way in Kibana 7.6.1 :slight_smile: that will match Kibana's team roadmap?

any clarification will be great.

Hey @liorg2,

You're right, there are so many ways to visualize your data!

All else being equal, Lens is our latest and greatest offering, but I'm not aware of any plans to drop support for the other types you mentioned. One of Kibana's strengths is that there are multiple ways to do the same thing -- different mechanisms resonate with different folks, and it allows you to make Kibana "your own".

I said "All else being equal" to simplify things, but not all is equal :slight_smile: Each visualization type has its own set of strengths. TSVB and Timelion are both very powerful and expressive, while Lens is easy to build and customize, without having to understand your data ahead of time.

thanks @Larry_Gregory, so the Kibana team maintains them all? :open_mouth:

We sure do!

I found a react library "elastic-charts". is that the Lens implementation library?
also: is the "Stack monitoring" actually built with TSVB ?

Lens does use Elastic Charts "under the hood", and over time, there are plans to consolidate all of our visualization rendering under the charts library. I'm not familiar with the intimate details though.

is the "Stack monitoring" actually built with TSVB ?

I'm also not sure about this :slight_smile:


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