Multiple time-based charts in a dashboard: TSVB or Lens?

My vote (possibly ill-informed, hence this topic): Make 'em all TSVB.

My reason (just the one): when you mouse over a TSVB viz, a red line appears in every TSVB viz in the dashboard, showing that same point in time. You don't get that red line with a Lens.

Other votes, reasons?

Hey @GrahamHannington, I agree this TSVB feature is really cool. We are also planning to add this feature to Lens! Here is the issue [Lens] Synchronize cursor position for X-axis across all Lens visualizations in a dashboard · Issue #77530 · elastic/kibana · GitHub for reference.

Hi @Stratoula_Kalafateli , thanks for the link. I've added a gratuitous "me too"/"I want it now" comment to that issue :slight_smile:.

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