Canvas drilldown

Is there a drilldown concept/option or similar concept on the canvas?

Hi @ravishka,
Not yet,

This is the issue that's tracking it:

Ok @dosant.

@dosant Is there a way to put a toggle button on the kibana canvas? Is there any alternative solution?

@dosant I want to put toggle button on the canvas and click on it and the data should be filterd. Just like dashboard.Simply onece I click the button I want to get all canvas data should be fillterd.Is it possible? or can you provide alternative solution for me?

Hi @ravishka, sorry for a late reply,
Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible now.
As a workaround, maybe you could create two separate canvas workpads, one with full data and one filtered. Then you links in text elements to link them via URLs.

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