Kibana: Drilldown Alternatives

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Hello Team
We use kibana extensively for building reports. now, we are in need of drilldown feature badly. when is this expected to release? can we expect in next release of kibana.

Any info would really help us to chose the alternative options to implement this feature.

Please Sugegst

Thanks for your time as always.

Rahul Nama

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Any help please?

(Tyler Smalley) #3

Is there an open feature request or issue your referring to? Can you elaboration on the drilldown feature you're looking for? Currently, on a dashboard you can click on an element which will apply the filter for the data selected, but I assume that is not what you're referring to.

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Hey @tylersmalley

You can see it here

Thank you.

(Tyler Smalley) #5

Best to query the thread - I would also recommend voicing support there via comment and/or :+1: if you haven't done so already.

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Sure @tylersmalley. I will do that. Thank you :slight_smile:

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