Drill down to different Dashboards in Maps for Elasticsearch 8.3.3

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Hi Everyone,
It would be really helpful if anyone can provide some solution.
so, we are aware of drilldown options in Maps in Kibana and was trying to use it in our requirement where using filter option from the "Locked Tooltip" will be navigating to new different Dashboard. But, in the Dashboard (Map) we are unable to get the filter option in the tooltip (as attached).
Please suggest root cause of it and possible alternatives to use the Map level filters.
Note: As seen in the attached in the screenshot, filter option is missing the locked tooltip.

The option to execute a drilldown (filter actions in the user interface) will appear for individual documents from a Documents layer, but not for aggregated layers like clusters or grids.

On the following screen recording from the Flights demo dataset dashboard you can check how the Flight Origin Location aggregated layer does not offer the filter actions while when zooming in and clicking on a feature from the Flights layer, the filter actions button appears and allows to select a drilldown.

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Hi Jorge,
Thanks for responding.

While using Top Term as an aggregation rule in the Metrics of Clusters, we are able to achieve drilldown (filter actions) in the user interface.
But, for any other aggregation rule unable to get the drilldown option in the user interface.
Is it possible to get filter actions (drill down) in the user interface for aggregation type "count / unique count".

I'm afraid it is not possible to create a drilldown from an aggregated cluster. In the case of the term join it is clear how the drilldown works since we have a field and a value to propagate, but how it would work for a count aggregation?

On the other hand, I can imagine for a unique count to propagate a filter for the cardinality of a field to be the same as the one clicked, but it seems to me a bit of a stretch and corner scenario (but I admit it seems a valid use case).

Please feel free to create a feature request in the Kibana repository with as much detail as possible on your use case.

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