Does Kibana has public roadmap? (Drill Down on dashboards)


I was looking for a roadmap for Kibana and couldn't find it. I'm really interested in use Kibana to create dashboards but without drilldown feature it's almost useless for business dashboards and I would like if the development team has plans to implement this feature soon or not.

If not, I need to evaluate other tools to create dashboards using elastic search data.

There's a issue on kibana github repository about this feature (, but we have not a view of when (or if it will not) this will be implemented.


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@Ranieri_Mazili_de_Ol we don't have a roadmap, but we try to prioritize what we work on based on the comments/+1 in GitHub so please feel free to join in on that Issue for what you'd like to see, or +1 it if someone else's use-case is similar to yours.

Thanks @Brandon_Kobel for the reply.

There are around 30 +1 in the mentioned issue. Don't know if you consider 30 a big or small number.

Anyway, drilldown feature is a really basic feature that any chart library supports, because without it you almost can't give "life" to your dashboard. You can't discover what's happening inside.

I understand that voting system is really good to prioritize what needs to be developed first, but this kind of basic feature should be on the top of the list because the biggest part of people that's evaluating a tool (in this case, Kibana) when figure out that it hasn't a so basic feature just stop to use it instead of look for a place where there's an opened issue to post +1 and wait for it.

I understand too that what's is a basic feature or what should be prioritized can vary to each person, but certainly drill down in on the top to a big (or biggest) part of users.


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