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Hi All,
I am just mucking around with an ELK stack in a test environment, sending metricbeat, filebeat and winlogbeat to it. I had a large amount of data in elasticsearch and some customised kibana dashboards.
I killed the virtual machine and restarted it to test recovery and it seems the recovery process lost all the ,kibana customisations.

I think it is to do with too much data and the virtual machine not having enough RAM/CPU, thus swapping to disk and performance is terrible when recovering the index. I leave it for a long time and it finally gets up and running, however in kibana, it thinks it is starting fresh without any understanding of the indicies. I have to re-add them all and then the customisations are gone.

I have snapshots so can rolled back in time to before that to try an recover the .kibana folder.

However when I went to copy the data i see that in ES5 has moved the indicies folder to /var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indicies - there is no longer a "data" folder. Also all the folder names are scrambled like "zx3yWrqjQ-WqbiJpHqEaTg". There is no .kibana folder.

Is the data corrupted or has ES5 changed the way it labels data. I see in the log file it then links the index name to those random pathnames. I was pretty happy with my kibana customisations and wouldn't mind getting them back if I can, but a bit lost what to do next.


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Yes folders have renamed and you should not care about that.

You can use reindex API with reindex from remote feature if you want to copy your data from one cluster to another one.

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