Datatype string to state/country type

Hi all,

i have a fields in the document with the type as string but it's actually city, state and country and now i want to create visualization based on map for the same.

what should i do in order to get the desired result?

Thanks in advance

I am not sure I fully understand the problem? Is this a mapping issue, where you have a field named "location" and it is mapped as a string, even though you would like it to have several sub fields like state, country and type?

Or do you have those fields and this is more of a visualization issue?

I am fetching data from MySQL and there 1 field is below

"payment_zone" : {
"type" : "text",
"fields" : {
"keyword" : {
"type" : "keyword",
"ignore_above" : 256

this is actually 1 state and below is 1 more column

"total" : {
"type" : "float" }

I want to aggregate the total field and visualize the data on map.

what should i do say i need to show the total sales from all states on Map

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