Date data type null value indexing from csv import

Hi There,

Following, im trying to figure out, is there anyway that we can index null values for "Date" data type ?
or is there anyway i can index values of NULL values without skipping the data row of CSV file,
in this example data fields are closed_on or due_date

following is my csv file example,

Mapping data types and null value parameter,

error that i do get that field to parse,

if there any suggestion would be helpful, thank you.

Why not just have your CSV such that the field value is truly empty, and not the word "NULL"? For example, your first data row would be:

1,4,1,whatever,,1,1,"2019-04-03 11:45:11",

so just modify your CSV in a text editor and find/replace NULL with nothing (i.e. %s/NULL//g in vi)


Yes, this worked,

Appreciate your help... :slight_smile:

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