Date histogram zooming problem

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Hi !

I made a line chart with a Date Histogram aggregation but I've got an issue when I'm trying to select a part of my chart.

And when I'm doing this :

I've got :

But my date field is (imo) well defined :

Any idea?


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I succeed to make it working by changing the time-field name on the index pattern creation.

Before, I was using @timestamp as time-field and now, by selecting date, the chart is working... But it means that we can't make a line chart with a Date Histogram agg with an other time-field ? :cold_sweat:

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Hi @Sylfaen,

thank you for sharing your solution. Date histogram aggregations can be created on any date field, but right now the horizontal selection always modifies the time field configure for the index pattern. There are some other issues in such situations (e.g. #5707, which are being worked on.

In the meantime I would suggest you try out Timelion or the Time Series Visual Builder to create your graph. They allow for per-graph selection of the time field:

  • In Timelion the timefield argument to .es() specifies the time field as in .es(index="logstah-vitbfi-fin-rint-*", timefield="date").
  • In the Time Series Visual builder every panel has its own "Time Field" setting, which can in turn be overriden in the options for each data series.

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