Problem with Date Histogram when having multiple date fields in Index-Patter

Hi everyone,

I am new to elastic and Kibana and encountered a problem with the Date Histograms in Kibana.

I have two indices with multiple date type fields. On one Index I have the field "date" and on the other the fields "lastLogin" and "firstLogin". When I create an Index-Pattern and choose eg. "lastLogin" as Time-Filter, only the Date Histogram for "lastLogin" is correct.

In the case of "firstLogin" the Graph seems to be right and also changes when I change the Time Picker Range, but the Label of the X-Axis does not change and stays the same all the time.

In the other case of "date", I simply get the message that no results were found.

I made sure, that the date format is the same in all three cases. All fields have the format YYYY-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss.
For the import of the data I am using the NEST API for C# and the data originates from a MySQL database.

Does anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong and how to get this fixed?

It looks like some confusion is happening, since the index pattern has 3 date type fields.

Setting a date field for an index pattern, all it means is: when you use the time picker on the top right, Kibana will apply the bounds of that filter to the field you picked for your date field.

In your first screenshot, I see a date histogram for first logins, for all records where ``date`` is within ``Last 1 year``

If date and firstLogin / lastLogin aren't related data, then they should not be used in combination.

First thank you for your answer!

I dont really want to use them in combination. I just want to have working Date Histograms for all three fields and I dont really understand why as example there are no results found for the 'date' field.

EDIT: I think I misunderstood the point ypou were making! Now I figured at what point I got the wrong idea how the filter system works. Thanks again!

Glad you got it working!

I was going to suggest you can also look in the Discover app to check the values of your documents and make sure they're what you think they should be.

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