Date in Filter not respecting Browser Timezone

We have our timestamps in our logs stored in UTC.
When the logs are returned in queries, the times are shown converted based on the brower's timezone. This is great!

However, when applying a date filter on the search bar, the date/time used is considered to be in UTC.

This discrepancy is confusing to our users. I know there's the setting to change the timezone to be UTC so the logs display in. UTC, but it'd be more ideal if we can have the date filter to respect the brower's timezone as well though. Is there a way to do this?
Are there any best practices when showing date/times? Thanks!

Which version of the elastic stack are you running? This seems to have been recently fixed in the 7.9 release -

We're on 6.5 - do you have any idea when AWS might incorporate 7.9? The highest version they currently support is 7.7.

I can't speak to the AWS's process. is much faster at providing the latest release.

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