Date is not coming out correctly in kibana


I have a Strange issue where if i send the Date like below
it comes in the visualizer as
020-05-26T13: 53:01.762+0000
Extra Space is coming after :
How could i avoid it
i checked in gork debugger this si the Problem Pattern is as %{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:apigeetimestamp}\s%

when i clear the space it comes out perfectly.

How can i fix it? Can you Please help me with it? i am pushing it from Azure function and APIM both show its going correctly.

Hi @sujith1
can you please give me the Kibana version you are running and how you are pushing data into ES?
What do you mean by the visualizer? Is the date shown wrongly in a Kibana visualization (if so please specify which) or on the Discover app or another Kibana app?
Thank you

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