Date processor on ingest node not working

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Hi, I want to replace the "@timestamp" date with the timestamp date of the logs.

my logs format:
2018-09-13 09:53:15,547 [Process-333016][Thread-4] Browser.Info(158) INFO - [CCB 6217003360005849707] page status: complete

i have tried this,

PUT /_ingest/pipeline/logpipeline2
"description" : "Pipeline for logs from filebeat2",
"processors": [
"grok": {
"field": "message",
"patterns": ["%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:logtimestamp} (?< message >(.|\r|\n)*)"]
"date" : {
"field" : "logtimestamp",
"target_field" : "@timestamp",
"formats" : ["YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS"]

cant find what is the issue becuase theres no errors shows on elastisearch.log and on filebeat.log.

anyone encounter the same issue?

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