Date_range field does not refresh my dashboard

I am using kibana to search the document of elasticsearch, somehow my dashboard stopped to be refreshed I found that date_range filed ,which represents the time that event occurred.

any idea how to fix the issue?

Can you provide more information? Do the visualizations on the dashboard contain data? Have you modified the Data View recently? Do you have errors on the Dashboard?

sure, I have data on the visualizations as you can see in the screenshot, the last refresh was on 30 of october. nothing has been modified, no error on the Dashboard. it sounds weird :slight_smile:

Can you scroll to the top of the dashboard and see what the time picker says? Maybe the end date is not current?

when I picked the Last 7 days until now in the time picker the dashboard is showing empty, although all resources (mail items) were analyzed from the mailbox

Hi @Ilyas_Badr. Have you confirmed that recent data exists in your Elasticsearch index? You may want to view the panel requests in Console.

@nickpeihl maybe I found the reason why the dashboard is not refreshed, could you please confirm this?

Hi @Ilyas_Badr. Yes, that would explain why you are not seeing any data on the dashboard. What method or software are you using to ingest data? Maybe there are errors or something is not configured correctly.

hi @nickpeihl I found the following error on the log:
Elasticsearch error: index() missing 1 required positional argument: 'doc_type'
as an Information for you :slight_smile:
I m looking how to fix it now

HI @nickpeihl after a new installation everthing is working fine ;). Thank you for your time and Support

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