Date range query for the first two hours

I have a time series data where each document kinda looks like this:

{"ID": ABC1,
"timestamp": "2015-01-01T12:12:12",
"key": myKey,
"value": 433}

I'm trying to write an aggregation to get the count of keys that appear under each ID in the first two hours using a range query.

What's the syntax for picking up the minimum timestamp?

I know something like this picks up the min but I'm not sure where to put it. Do I need a script?

"time_min": {
"min": {
"field": "timestamp"

Once I get that I could use something like:

"range": {
  "timestamp": {
    "gte": "time_min",
    "lte": "time_min+2h/h"

Thank you!

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