Date (Snapshot) - Month name in English for snapshot policy


I want Elasticsearch snapshots named with date in english and date in numerals when they are created.

With the following template snapshot_MMYYYY_foo

Something like this: snapshot_nov2021_foo

How this can be done?

As far as reading the documentation goes, i know i can do something like


But that will give me 'snapshot_11-2021_foo',and not 'snapshot_nov2021_foo'

Please advice.


I believe that instead of MM you can say MMM to get a three-character abbreviation, or MMMM for the full month name, but I will note that this will mean that sorting the snapshots by name is not the same as sorting them in time order which tends to cause pain.

Also are you only taking one snapshot per month? You should take them more often than that, typically multiple times per day.

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