Day_of_week field does not show data when sent through the index

We had some scripted field for time values. Think of the day of week values so we can see the average income for the monday over a full year. Same with weeks/months/hour. This was causing some performance issues when combined with other scripted fields and what not, so we decided to add all our current scripted fields (like 5 or 6, not a lot) to the index, to help with performance.

Now we have them sent through the index, we refreshed the index field list through the management settings and deselected the hidden fields option in discover. We see the fields there, but no data is gathered for these fields. I am not sure if data was gathered for these fields when using the scripted fields, but when visualizing we would get the data filtered by day/week/month/hour, whichever field we picked. Now with these fields sent through the index, we don't get any results.

We get this message:

This field is present in your Elasticsearch mapping but not in the 500 documents shown in the doc table. You may still be able to visualize or search on it.

Any suggestions?

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This error message seems pretty clear: are you sure that you've started indexing new fields, like day_of_week, into your documents? Have you run queries against Elasticsearch to validate that your setup is working?

Also, have you updated your Kibana index pattern in the management section? You may need to delete the Kibana scripted field if there is a field with the same name.

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