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I have a client actually hosted in db 00580 but in Kibana it is logged as 0516 is there anything like listener. As one my colleague found out it is behind a listener.

Please help on this.


Can you please elaborate on this issue. Which version of kibana, what are the settings, etc.

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It's not clear what this has to do with Kibana or Elasticsearch. You may need to restate your question, and add more details.

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@Abhilash_B @warkolm To explain it further, client xxxx data all stored in Kibana Infrastructure UI which takes the data from Seattle data center and same has been logged in elastic search which has index names like entity code and db(entity code - unique code of a client and db - where client related operations are done) any problem occurs in db will check the logs for exact db name and troubleshoot it.

we use solarwinds - (a tools which monitors the DB performance and keeps a track of it) to check the db but in the tool is different where as the actual DB is 0580 for xxxx client and cluster is 0516.

Why kibana is not taking the actual DB it is taking the cluster??.
kibana version - 5.6.

Adding to the above is there any feature like listener in kibana.

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How does the data get into Elasticsearch?

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@warkolm data is sent to elasticsearch through K8s/Tectonic

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And what does one of your documents look like?

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@warkolm i have got the answer thanks.

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What's the answer?

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All the setup was done in solar winds I was able to find the actual DB and Listener in that tool.

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