Dealing with slow _msearch calls

(Otis Gospodnetić) #1


Kibana 4.x seems to send requests from Dashboard in a single _msearch call. When one has a lot of data in Elasticsearch this could result in timeouts. How do others deal with this, other than increasing connection timeouts?


(Paweł Róg) #2

I'm also wondering why Kibana 4 is not sending a few queries at once. Browser allows to use a few HTTP connections to a given host. This means instead of sending one big msearch it would be possible to send a few smaller ones and receive results incrementally (dashboards components loading incrementally). Maybe it is possible to configure Kibana 4 somehow and I'm missing something.

(Mark Walkom) #3

This is something I (sorta) was getting at when I raised this -

But yeah, it'd be nice if it did this.

(Otis Gospodnetić) #4

Thanks Mark.

I'm going to assume other Kibana users will bring this up with time and then maybe the implementation will be changed.


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(TangYong) #5

I have found that the issue is very important for large index(daily e-commerce scene...), and
Whether having any plan for implementing the functionality?



(Thomas Decaux) #6

Haaa, I understand why my elasticsearch is down after playing with Kibana ;-(

When I query each widget alone (via Sense), the duration is no more than 7ms, but from Kibana, each widget takes more than 1seconde to load data !!!

Any advices about that ?

Thanks you

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