Disable _msearch for dashboard?

ES 2.4 - Kibana 4

I am running Kibana for a quite big web site (30millions event per day), using Kibana to display some aggregations, but dashboard with 5 widgets crash all the time (the msearch query get elastic error, I think about not enough memory).

We are running 3 data nodes, 2 http nodes, with 15 Go RAM each, no problem to run aggregation one by one, but msearch not.

So, I am asking if it's possible to disable msearch stuff and have widget running the query separately ?

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With a _msearch request your giving up a small amount of time in exchange for the compounding latency of multiple _search requests. In almost all scenarios this is preferred and there is not currently a way to natively disable the use of _msearch. If you are having some of the queries timing out I would suggest looking into the performance of the Elasticsearch cluster itself.

ok got it, the response size is 50Mo !!! Woa, this is because Kibana loads all pages in one shot :confused: and we have big documents (2 discover widgets in dashboard, was causing the huge response size).

I am thinking the dashboard like a web page, I cannot imaging a web page loading ALL resources (CSS/JS/IMG) in one time, isnit (or via HTTP/2.0) ?

Also, load widget separately could help for caching, or even to load other data source (yeah!).

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I am not 100% sure, but Kibana is using gzip with elasticsearch ?

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