Disable Kibana msearch?

(Thomas Decaux) #1

We have a quite big dashboard, that make elasticsearch client node crash (running out of memory). I don't see the problem when I run the query one by one, so is there a way to tune the msearch from Kibana ?

Maybe 3 by 3 queries, or disable it completly.

Thanks you,

(Lukas Olson) #2

When I run the query one by one

Are you referring to the queries for each visualization? Or what exactly? Thanks.

(Thomas Decaux) #3

From à dashboard

(Lukas Olson) #4

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to change the behavior to issue multiple msearches instead of just one.

(Thomas Decaux) #5

Arg :confused:

So I could create a kind of proxy (on Php or Java) to "un-parralize" that? (also a good way to provide some cache ^^)

thanks you, I will do in that way

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