Debugging and optimising queries and indicies

(Kirill Shirinkin) #1

I have a small set of data ~120Gb collected over 7 days and Kibana
dashboard with 4 widgets. All fields of indices are not analysed (I've
turned it off because for this data splitting strings into terms is not
needed). When I open the dashboard it takes ElasticSearch minutes to
process request and then it just throws Timeout. Timeout is fine if request
takes too long, but the problem is why does it take so long? I know that
it depends on data, on type of visualisations I've used etc. etc. So the
more valid question is: how do I debug this request, and how do I optimise
them and/or indices to be faster?
I would like to get search results
within few seconds. What is an advised workflow for improving performance
in ES?

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