Dec 24th, 2018: [EN][Kibana] Region maps in Kibana

Maps in Kibana are getting awesomer day by day. We have added a ton of features to our existing region and co-ordinate maps.

In region maps, the list of vector maps have gotten longer in our core Kibana:


User will also be able to pick on a join field. For example - for Canada we have:

As an experiment, I indexed the demographics of population of Canada from official Stats Canada census data for 2016/2011:

You can see that Ontario province is the most populous. The total land area is 1,076,395 square kilometers and with a population density of 12.49 people per square kilometers.

Nunavut in contrast is bigger in landsize (1,936,113 km square) but with a very sparse population density - 0.02 people per square kilometers. Of course along with all the polar bears :teddy_bear:

And in the near future you will be able to see maps app.I ran Kibana master to get a glimpse of it and the capability of adding layers is amazing:

I hope this was a fun glimpse into maps in Kibana. We are very excited for future releases :confetti_ball:

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