Decode Base64

hello ,

I am a bit new to ELK, I am trying to decode a base64 field to show as a string.

I read through some articles that suggest using ingest pipeline,

how would i do that exactly?

PS: I tried runtime fields, but it's not what the team wants.


Based on your statement, I assume you have 3 components running: elasticsearch, logstash & kibana. Currently the naming is Elastic Stack (since the introduction of Beats).

Question has been asked multiple times, so Google to the rescue::

PS: elasticsearch has also ingestion pipelines, but logstash is build for parsing..

Best regards

thank you I remember trying one of these solutions and didn't work for me.

I tried the other solution and with little tweaks it worked.

thank you so much.

They all suggest the same decoding method :sweat_smile:

Good you were able to resolve it!

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